Fiverr not just $5 any longer, now powering the gig economy for as much as $500.

Fiverr reinvented itself today, keeping the 5 but adding 2 behind it as the everything-for-five-dollars marketplace goes upscale, looking for to power the emerging gig economy. The new Fiverr will provide a dramatic brand-new design that transforms the existing mainly text-based Fiverr into a very visual, practically app-store-like experience. The makeover also reaches individual Gig Pages for Fiverr users, which provides a richer screen of sellers, their skills, and their buyer feedback. In addition, the brand-new market offers purchasers much better exposure of seller ratings and shipment time, plus a new objective control dashboard for sellers that helps them manage multiple gigs, track their revenues, and access analytics on regular monthly trends, cancellation rates, buyer demographics, and more. Find out how to design logo in adobe illustrator here

Fiverr's User-To-User Market Goes Mobile in New iPhone App

Fiverr, the user-to-user market that allows folks to sell services to others from as little as $5, has actually launched a brand name new application in the App Store. Called Fiverr, the app is available totally free of charge and is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. For those not familiar with the service, Fiverr is an online market that allows visitors to get in touch with users and to browse through specialist gigs. These gigs (services provided by members of the Fiverr community) can be virtually anything: language translation, cartooning, brand identifying, and graphic design are some of the most current posts contributed to Fiverr since this writing, and many more are readily available to look up. The site likewise allows users to buy gigs using its platform, and prices - as the service's name recommends - start at just $5.

All those $5 gigs amount to $30M in brand-new Fiverr funding

Fiverr, a gig market aiming to be the Amazon of hiring far-flung workers to design logo designs or narrate podcasts, scored $30 million in Series C financing, it stated on Monday, bringing the overall backing for the Tel Aviv/New York company to $50 million. We are completely obsessed with development and increasing our market and audience, founder and CEO Micha Kaufman stated in an interview. The new financing will fuel initiatives around increasing mobile assistance; worldwide reach with more countries, languages and currencies; and producing more tools for sellers to turn their skills into companies. As its name hints, Fiverr s basic product is a $5 task, usually done remotely. But that’s end up being a way its freelancers get their foot in the door for bigger jobs at higher rates.